About Us

Mad Mission is:

Julie (lead singer/keys) has lived onstage since age 5. She is an accomplished pianist/vocalist with over 25 years experience. Influenced by Stevie Nicks, Chrissie Hynde and Debbie Harry, Julie knows over 1000 rock songs by ear and loves making the audience get up and dance! 

Gman (guitar) has played in many bands during his musical career, including the legendary Rock Garden out of Anchorage, Alaska. His preference is to lend his guitar talent to playing a solid rhythm section and tasteful leads when the song calls for such. Strongly influenced by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Byrds, and many early rock and rollers.

Harvard (bass guitar/alto flute) loves playing his alto flute to many classic Tull songs but primarily plays solid bass, keeping the band in synch and in the groove. A proverbial bass machine, he creates dynamic bass lines in the style of legendary bassist, Carol Kaye.

A second-generation drummer, Spencer has been playing since he was knee-high to a hobbit. Now long out of his tweens, Spencer enjoys all styles of music. Taking inspiration from drummers such as Jeff Porcaro, Stewart Copeland, and Charlie Watts, Spencer works with Harvard to keep the low end solid and the groove at the heart of Mad Mission’s sound.

Our motto is  “Never the Same Way Twice” but we open every show with Al Green’s (via Talking Heads) Take Me to the River. From there, you’ll hear everything from Tom Petty to the Foo Fighters, Blondie to Johnny Cash, Rolling Stones to U2, Arcade Fire to the Zombies.

When you book Mad Mission you always hit the right note! We’re ready to rock and give your guests a great show!